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Hyper Island Takes Center Stage at the 70th Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity presenting its Futurist’s toolkit for hacking creativity.

With a focus on hacking creativity within organisations and leveraging it for business growth, business school Hyper Island captivated attendees with their innovative workshop and unique methodology.

As the largest creativity festival in the world, Cannes Lions provided the ideal platform for Hyper Island to share groundbreaking ideas and insights. Their workshop titled “A Futurist’s Toolkit for Hacking Creativity” showcased a range of creative tools and demonstrated how the Hyper Island methodology contributes to enhancing the creative process. The workshop attracted a diverse group of 50 creatives eager to experience firsthand the transformative power of the Hyper Island methodology and expand their creative skills. 

The session was opened by Paula Mandraccio from Bra Futures and expertly facilitated by Benito Berretta and Veronica Magariños Turner.

The workshop provided tools for attendees to evaluate their strengths and weak spots when it comes to creative output as well as ways to improve on sections that one might be lacking at. The Creative Thinking Practice Cards (link here), courtesy of Hyper Island help to explore six virtues vital for creativity like Curiosity, Community, Courage, Commitment, Concentration and Craft and give plenty of practical advise on how to practice each of those and resources to draw from to advance. 

Benito Berretta
Benito Berretta

The workshop, BCJ were told,  drew from Hyper Island’s extensive consultancy experience, showcasing successful collaborations with major organizations like Netflix and Heineken. We’ve gained valuable insights into improving creativity for innovation and future strategies, acquiring the necessary skills to navigate this creative revolution.

For those seeking to embark on a deeper creative journey, Hyper Island offers various resources to explore: