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Timeline Technique – Working with your ‘Timeline’, changing Personal History’

Read more about the Timeline Technique and its uses. In this article we describe the step-by-step guide.

To begin, think of the experience you want to change, don’t worry about all the details of the experience, just a rough idea of what happened. Next close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

With your eyes closed imagine yourself floating up out of your body, so that you are above your imaginary timeline, looking down on it. Now begin moving in the direction of your past along your timeline. Keep moving back into your past until you feel that you are at the exact time of that particular experience.

As you look down on this experience, start to drain all the negative associations from the experience, you can do this by literally visualising washing away any anger or pain with some water flowing through the location on the timeline, many people find changing the colour of the experience can also help. Next take the positive lessons learned and intensify them, you can do by shining a bright glowing light onto or out of them.

When you are finished (take as much time as you need) allow yourself to drift back to the present. Take a moment to notice how you now feel differently about the past experience which had been causing you trouble and then open your eyes.

The new associations you have created for this experience will slowly integrate themselves into your perspective; this can happen fairly quickly or take a few days to weeks depending on how significant the experience you changed was to you.

The technique works in basically exactly the same way for future experiences too, here you simply move along in the opposite direction to a future point in your timeline, and visualise yourself being the person you want to be, and achieving your desired outcomes, for example, being more confident in new situations. Stacking up a few of these experiences in your future timeline can help to amplify any effect.

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