Tamara Orlova-Alvarez
Tamara Orlova-Alvarez

Tamara Orlova-Alvarez is a journalist and trained Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. Being a journalist (Fashion & Lifestyle Editor of Ikon London Magazine), Tamara felt it was important to give voice to successful business coaches, mentors, trainers and make their expertise available to a wider public – to be driven and inspired.

In 2016, she founded the Business Coaching Journal – an online publication with a focus on business coaching and leadership resources.
As a life coach, Orlova-Alvarez works mainly within creative industries with both individuals and businesses alike. Having come from the creative background –  fashion model, exhibited artist, presenter, and film production coordinator, Tamara speaks from the position of personal experience and expertise within creative industries. 
Tamara can be seen covering various film festivals and reporting from the red carpet. When interviewing celebrities, she always has her coaching hat on, too. In her career, she spoke to stars about various important topics – synchronicity, motivation, creative process, impostor syndrome and more.

Named Top Business Coaches to follow.

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