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Over 2 million new language learners, 750,000 new writers, and millions of crafters will help to bolster Britain’s creative industries post-lockdown

Before the lockdown, Britain’s creative sector was growing at five times the rate of the wider economy and employed well over 2 million people. Due to the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, the sector has suffered a huge setback, losing at least one in five creative jobs with the sector expected to be hit twice as hard as the wider UK economy, according to research from Oxford Economics.

However, the creative sector is nothing if not inventive. Though 7 in 10 businesses have furloughed staff and many people Britain have suddenly found themselves with a lot more time on their hands, new research suggests that millions of Brits have taken the opportunity to learn new skills, explore creative avenues, and in some cases, turn a side hustle or creative project into a new source of income.

A report by the Henley Business School recently found over half of people in their 20s and 30s want to turn their creative hobby or passion project into their main source of income, whilst a recent study found that almost two-thirds of Brits (61%) reported that developing a creative hobby in lockdown has proved therapeutic and has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on their mental health.

With this in mind, new national research carried out by biography writing service StoryTerrace, has delved into the nation’s creative pursuits, to discover how people have developed their creative skills, and managed to achieve major milestones, even in lockdown:

  • 22% of people in Britain have been motivated to create their own business in a creative industry during COVID
  • 61% of people have found their craft/creative hobby to be therapeutic and to have a positive impact on their mental health whilst in lockdown
  • 750,000 people in the Britain have written a book in lockdown
  • 2.2 million people have learned a new language
  • 900,000 people have learned a new musical instrument
  • 6 million people finally completed a long overdue renovation project

StoryTerrace is one creative business that has thrived in lockdown. By connecting everyday people with professional ghost-writers around the world, StoryTerrace have helped hundreds of people across Britain have their life story, or the life story of loved ones, documented and curated in a beautifully bound book by a professional writer.

Rutger Bruining, Founder of StoryTerrace, discusses how despite the negative impact of the pandemic, people across Britain will emerge with more skills and creativity:

“Our team of professional ghost-writers at StoryTerrace have documented the life stories of hundreds of people from all walks of life across Britain during the pandemic, and if there’s one thing we’ve observed, is that there is an incredible wealth of creative juices and talent across the country. 

Many of the people whose life stories we’ve been fortunate enough to learn about have been of older generations, but this has not stopped them from learning new skills, renovating their houses, taking up new creative hobbies, or rediscovering old talents. 

Though this has been a particularly difficult time for all, it is imperative that we focus on what positives can come out of tricky situations, and make the best of the time we have to come out of the other side with more to show for it.”