Social Media

Understanding Neuromarketing For Profits’ Sake

15/02/2017 0

Would you like to significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing communications? Of course, you would... We all would. According to the Meaningful Brands survey…

Industry Reports

The Future of Media in 2017 Report Rundown

20/01/2017 0

The speed of change in the media industry is mindboggling, with today’s trends becoming yesterday’s news faster than you can blink. Not willing to look for…

What Do We Learn From The State of Fashion Report

29/12/2016 0

The article was originally posted in Ikon London Magazine and is based on the report published by BoF and McKinsey Global that can be found here.…

Personal Development

Communication Skills: Touching Co-Workers – Friendly or Creepy?

24/09/2017 0

Article by David F. Swink for Psychology Today. A touch is a powerful form of nonverbal communication. It can create a positive relationship climate, or it can…